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TMJ Treatments in SW Calgary

TMJ Treatments in SW Calgary

Occlusion Problems?

If you suffer from jaw pain in SW Calgary, let Urban Oasis Dental help.

"TMJ syndrome" is what we commonly call Temporomandibular joint disorder. It means your TMJ joint -- the joint which connects your jaw and your skull -- is inflamed, and it often causes severe jaw pain in SW Calgary residents.

If you regularly wake up with headaches and jaw pain, it may be caused by TMJ syndrome. Don’t put up with the pain and discomfort any longer -- Urban Oasis Dental can help. Our dental practice offers comprehensive TMJ treatment in Bridlewood.

Custom guards and bite appliances are solutions Urban Oasis Dental are proud to provide. These address two common ways in which our teeth are harmed: grinding or clenching while asleep, and playing sports. Both can cause serious damage to your teeth that must be addressed by a dentist. Allow your SW Calgary dentist to protect the valuable asset that is your healthy and beautiful smile.