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Family Dentistry in SW Calgary

Family Dentistry in SW Calgary

Urban Oasis Dental is proud to provide dentistry in SW Calgary

Urban Oasis Dental is your source for general dentistry in SW Calgary. We will look at your unique situation and recommend treatment as required. It is our goal to work with our patients, Dr. Cassi Kruger & Dr. Marissa Struik will always discuss all of your options. We will not proceed until you are comfortable with and understand the path of your treatment.

Catching tooth decay early is crucial if the tooth is to be saved. If you delay that treatment, the damage to the tooth may be too extensive to repair.

Cosmetic dentistry can create your very best smile. You deserve to feel great about yourself, and cosmetic dentistry can help you love the person in the mirror.

Pain from erupting wisdom teeth may be more than you expected. Young adults frequently face a common problem: constant pain from erupting wisdom teeth. At Urban Oasis Dental, we recommend dealing with wisdom teeth before they become a problem. Most wisdom teeth can be easily removed under local anesthetic in the dental chair.

Children’s dentistry requires a special commitment to helping even the smallest children understand the importance of healthy teeth and gums. At Urban Oasis Dental, we use a fun, interactive approach to teaching children the proper methods of brushing and flossing. We are committed to being your source for children’s dentistry in SW Calgary.

Urban Oasis Dental proudly offers a vast selection of dentistry services.


Plaque can dissolve tooth enamel, making a tiny cavity. When this happens the solution is often as easy as a filling.


If your tooth already contains several fillings — or has extensive decay — we may suggest a crown. This encircles (or “caps”) your tooth, protecting it and keeping it strong. Crowns can be made of gold, porcelain fused to metal, or pure white porcelain (to resemble a natural tooth).

Root Canals

A root canal may be necessary if tooth decay progresses and damages the nerve of your tooth. Dentists at Urban Oasis Dental can remove the damaged nerve and fill the space with new material — allowing you to keep your natural tooth. Since the tooth no longer has a nerve to provide its blood supply, we may place a crown over your tooth to prevent it from chipping or cracking easily.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions are best performed on young adults -– under 24 years old –- because their bones have not yet become rigid. This makes it easy to remove the wisdom teeth from their jaws, and means it isn’t usually necessary for them to undergo the procedure in a general anesthetic facility.


These are thin laminates that we bond directly to your natural teeth. We can use them to correct the colour of your tooth, close a space, or repair a cracked tooth.


Dentures can be full (whole arch or whole mouth) or partial (replacing one or several teeth), and they can be removable or secured using dental implants. Contact Urban Oasis Dental for answers to your questions about dentures.


A bridge is a dental appliance that replaces one or more natural missing teeth, thereby “bridging” the space between two teeth. Talk to Urban Oasis Dental today if you’re interested in a bridge.

Panoramic digital X-rays

Urban Oasis Dental is proud to offer panoramic digital X-rays. The images are instantly available on a computer screen, and enable us to have a better look at your teeth. You’re also exposed to less radiation than with traditional X-rays.

Intraoral cameras

These special cameras give us an up-close look at your teeth and gums. The photos can instantly be displayed on our screens while you’re still sitting in the chair.

3D CT scans

This amazing technology behind these three-dimensional CT scans allows us to view and measure any part of your head and neck -- including your teeth, roots, nerves and sinuses. These 3D CT scans help us gain perspective in dental implantology, endodontics, orthodontics, and TMJ analysis cases.