Meet Our Doctors

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Layton

Dr. Layton

Hi, I’m Dr. Alex Layton. I obtained my Bachelor of Science and my Doctor in Dental Surgery at the University of Alberta. I have been practicing in Calgary for the past 30 years.

In my early teens, I had a series of traumatic events that resulted in losing multiple front teeth. Due to these personal losses, I have developed a high level of dental anxiety and fear. As a result I have great empathy toward my patients and the fears they have both about previous dental experiences and having current dental treatment.

I am focused on caring for anxious adults. I really enjoy the big smiles on patients’ faces when we have made a significant improvement to their smile. I really appreciated hearing words of relief when a patient leaves the chair realizing things are not as they were in the past.

I strive to have an open conversation with my patients to help build a trusting relationship. I will strive to listen to and ease your fears, concerns or worries. I want you to know the options.

I enjoy all aspects of dentistry and especially enjoy seeing the difference I can make in the lives of patients on a daily basis. I love expanding my training with continuing education. Over the years I’ve taken course in:

  • Oral and Conscious Sedation with D.O.C.S Education – primary focus on Oral sedation/Nitrous Oxide
  • Bone Grafting with LVI Global
  • Advance Implants with LVI Global
  • Certified Invisalign® Provider
  • Advanced Denture Fabrication and Placement

All of my continuing education has helped me provide more choices and comfort for my patients.

During my time away from the office, I enjoy reading, playing cards with my kids, spending time with my grandchildren and going for walks with my wife. I love sports, and enjoy cheering on my favourite teams, the Calgary Flames and the Toronto Blue Jays.

I welcome new patients. Drop by and let me help take care of you and your family.

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Dr. Kruger

Dr. Kruger

Hi, I'm Dr. Cassi Kruger. I was born and raised here in Calgary. I completed my undergrad in Idaho and Utah while playing collegiate fastball. I am proud that I was then able to pursue my dream of being a dentist at the University of Alberta. I am elated to be back in Calgary with my husband and working with the great people we have here at Urban Oasis Dental Studio.

I went into dentistry to help care for people and make a positive difference in their smiles. I first knew I wanted to be a dentist when I saw the change that was made to my little sister's smile and in turn, her confidence.

I love dentistry and being able to take care of people and their families. I care deeply about my patients and their oral health.

At Urban Oasis Dental, we do everything we can to make your experience with us relaxing. We listen to your concerns and give gentle anesthesia while at the same time delivering the highest quality of care. I have open communication with all my patients about their dental needs to help create a trusting relationship. I enjoy working with children and work very hard to make the experience as fun and comfortable as possible for them.

Other credentials:

  • Certified Invisalign® Provider
  • Crown Lengthening with the University of Alberta
  • CBCT Certified with the University of Alberta

In my spare time, my hobbies include:

  • Reading
  • Playing board games with friends and family
  • Traveling with my husband
  • Playing a variety of sports
  • Spending time outdoors

Come in and let me take care of you today.

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Dr. Struik

Dr. Struik

Hi, I’m Dr. Marissa Struik. I grew up in a small town just south of Calgary, and I am thrilled to be returning to Southern Alberta to continue my dental career. I began my journey to becoming a dentist by completing my undergraduate courses at the University of Saskatchewan, while playing for the University Women’s Soccer team. I was excited to return home to Alberta to complete my dental degree at the University of Alberta in Edmonton.

I enjoy providing all aspects of general dentistry and strive to provide excellent quality work for both children and adults. I know that dental appointments can sometimes be a stressful experience. There are many ways that I can help put you at ease and I am always available to discuss any and all treatment options. My number one priority is for you to be comfortable before, during and after any dental treatment!

I also enjoy taking dental courses;

  • Attends Pacific Dental Conference annually
  • CBCT Certified with the University of Alberta
  • Certified Invisalign® Provider
  • Member of the Canadian Academy of General Dentistry

In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing sports and the occasional Netflix show. Family and good friends are a big part of my life and I like to spend time with them whenever I can.

I always welcome new patients, so drop by today at Urban Oasis Dental and let me help you take care of your oral health needs.

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