Fee Guide

Fee Guide

Our Pricing Compared to the Alberta Dental Fee Guide

Code Treatment 2019 Alberta Fee Guide Our Fee
01202 Recall Exam $64.19 $64.19
33131 3 Canal Root Canal $1,127.65 $1,127.65
02144 4 Bitewing X-Rays $78.37 $78.37
23323 3 Surface Filling $249.69 $249.69
02601 Panoramic X-Ray $88.32 $88.32
11113 3 Units Scaling $201.48 $201.48
11101 Polish $59.84 $59.84
12113 Flouride $28.99 $28.99

What is a Fee Guide?

The Alberta Dental Association & College (ADA&C) produces an annual suggested fee guide for the dentists in Alberta. This document outlines over 1,600 dental codes and code descriptors related to specific elements of dental treatment. It also provides suggested fees that serve as a guide only; dentists are not required to follow the guide or any fee schedule.

Many dental plan carriers will base plan coverage on fees and codes within this guide. In some cases the coverage is based on previous year's guides (going back a year or more). Note: Dental plan providers do not work with the ADA&C to develop the guide.

For more information please visit the Alberta Dental Association & Collage